One Year Professional Programme In Bakery & Pastry

Programme Topics: Lean yeast dough’s, Rich yeast dough’s, Quick breads, Doughnuts, fritters, pancakes, Basic syrups, creams, and sauces, Cookies, Pies, Pastry basics, Tarts and special pastries, Cake mixing, baking and decorating, Popular international cakes, Popular international desserts, Puddings, mousses, and soufflés, Chocolate (tempering, moulding, garnishing), Eggless baking basics, Basics of sugar craft, Plate presentation, Hygiene and sanitation, Bakery equipments, Menu designing.

The programme is divided into two parts


Six months at the college (4 days practical sessions, 1 day of theory)


Six months internship at a hotel, standalone bakery. (Instructor will continuosly be in touch during training and reports have to be submitted on a regular basis)